Carolina Wren - Twenty Four Birds

Carolina Wren - Twenty Four Birds

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Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade recently announced her new Mystery Knit-A-Long.  named the Twenty Four Birds shawl.

This years design is a tribute to William Morris and his daughter May, Edward Burne-Jones, and their fellow designers and artists, who left us such a legacy of beauty, and craftsmanship. In this Mystery Knit-A-Long, we’ll let their work spark our creativity.  It is the latest project written in the Curious Handmade Percentage Checklist Pattern style.  So easy to keep track of stitch counts and yardage requirements.  Helen has done all the work for you.

The MKAL runs for six weeks with the first clue being released on March 21, 2024.

The Fibre Studio has created a few four color kits  using our Smitten yarn giving tribute to our local bird population.  Our Smitten yarn has approximately 406 yards on each skein. The Fibre Content is 80% SW Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon.

Other kit options:

  1. 4-Color Kits
  2. SPLASH Gradient Sets
  3. Half SPLASH Gradient Kits, plus one coordinating skein of Walkabout

Colors in this kit are:  Dark Rost, Bernished, Golden Straw and Sand Dune

Pattern may be purchased here on Ravelry.