Below you will find the answers to some of our most frequently-asked questions. If we have not answered your question here, please contact us Monday thru Friday via phone at 980-475-4705 or via email at debbie(at)thefibrestudio(dot)com.

Do you keep all your products in stock?
No. In fact, as an indie dyer, we keep very little on-hand inventory. We dye most of our yarn when we receive an order for it. We are constantly dyeing a small selection of our best-selling yarns and color ways for our wholesale customers and for trunk shows/pop-up shops and have a rotating dyeing schedule. Most of our yarn orders go out 2-4 weeks after we receive the order depending upon our dyeing schedules and shows.

I’m making a large project. Can I get matching skeins?
Yes! If we do not have enough yarn from the same dye lot to fulfill your yarn order, we will dye your project yarn in one batch for color quality and colorfastness. However, while we try our best to select and dye matching skeins for multi-skein orders, hand-dyed yarns have inherent variability so we strongly recommend working from multiple skeins to even out any possible differences in the yarns and avoiding pooling or abrupt transitions in color.

Can you combine my orders?
Yes, and we will refund any shipping differences as appropriate.

You offer kits for specific projects. Will they have enough yardage for that pattern?
Yes, but only if you get the same gauge as given in the pattern. Differences in gauge will result in a different-sized garment and/or the use of a different quantity of yarn. We cannot be responsible for your gauge, so please check it!

I'm in your area, can I come visit?
We are open to the public during very limited hours. We have a tiny retail space and will host visitors during those times if we are in studio and not out at a fiber show. We post our availability and pop-up shop/show schedules in two places—our website and our Facebook page.

How do I wind my skeins?
You must wind your yarn into cakes or balls before working with them. There are several resources on YouTube and Google should you need to learn to wind yarn. Please remember to retain your yarn label so you may always refer to care instructions and fiber type. We find writing the completed project name on the label to be helpful.

Do you wind yarn for your customers?
Yes! We will wind your yarn for $2 per skein. Please add the appropriate number of skein winding fees to your cart before checkout; otherwise your yarn will arrive in skeins. Our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ yarns are already wound into cakes so there is no additional fee or charge for our Fifty.

Also, please ensure you understand how many skeins you are purchasing. If you purchase a kit with five skeins of yarn in it—and you want the yarn wound—this would equal five skein winding fees or $10 total.