While The Fibre Studio no longer teaches classes (we do sometimes host instructors), we want our customers to be informed; therefore, we provide tips and tricks via our blog, Lola's Corner, whenever possible. Below are some of our most helpful blog posts listed by subject matter.

Casting On (originally posted 2/28/2017)
In this post, we answer what WE think are the best cast on methods. There are many available cast on methods available to knitters, but we’ve narrowed our blog topics down to a few, which we think will repeatedly prove useful during future projects. READ MORE

Connections in the Round (originally posted 1/10/2017)
We will discuss two primary topics: how to seamlessly 1) join your cast on stitches in the round and 2) add jogless second (third, fourth, etc.) colors. [Note: These tips work for any type of needle.] READ MORE

Colorfastness & Showcasing Bouclé (originally posted 4/14/2016)
When knitting or crocheting a natural, undyed, or light-colored yarn with a brightly-hued yarn, how do I keep the darker yarn color from bleeding into the lighter yarn? READ MORE

Color Matters (originally posted 6/13/2017)
This week we are going to talk about color because, let’s face it, color DOES matter. Most of us have a palette within which we are comfortable. Perhaps we have consulted a color expert at some point and were told we are an autumn or a winter, etc., and we have strictly conformed to those criteria. READ MORE

Size Matters (originally posted 6/19/2017)
Last week, we discussed Color Matters and ways to match yarn bases, dye types and colors to a favorite project. This week we will discuss size because, contrary to what many say tongue-in-cheek, size DOES matter. READ MORE

Binding Off (originally posted 7/20/2017)
We are again tackling a highly-personalized topic for knitters. Continuing from our last Unraveled blog post in the series, which was dedicated to cast on methods, today we will discuss bind off methods. READ MORE