The Saltire - Studio DK

The Saltire - Studio DK

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The Saltire, the flag of Scotland, is the white, diagonal cross of Scotland's patron saint, St. Andrew, on a blue field.

Our colorway is a brilliant sky blue, dyed to represent victory against steep odds.

Scottish lore says that a ninth century the Pictish king, Angus mac Fergus, adopted St Andrew as the patron saint after seeing a Saltire appear in the sky prior to a battle against a combined force of Angles and Saxons.

Fearing the outcome of the encounter, King Angus led prayers for deliverance, and was rewarded by seeing a cloud formation of a white saltire (the diagonal cross on which St Andrew had been martyred) against a blue sky. The king vowed that if, with the saint’s help, he gained the victory, then Andrew would thereafter be the patron saint of Scotland. The Scots did win, and the Saltire became the flag of Scotland.

- From The Legend of the Saltier

Our Studio DK is a plush, 4-ply 100% Superwash Merino yarn. The fiber is loosely-plied and springy in the hand. It takes dye very well and is a great option for those looking for a quicker knit or crochet project.

Please Note: The Fibre Studio custom dyes most of our yarns just for you. This process may take from 2-4 weeks before the yarn ships.