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Ashford Traveller - Spin and Weave

Ashford Traveller - Spin and Weave

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Frequently termed the "The Classic Castle Wheel", the Traveller with scotch tension is a great little wheel that suits most spinners. Comes complete with 4 bobbins, threading hook, learn to spin booklet, built-in Lazy Kate, and with Double Treadle as standard.

The Traveller is available in single drive or double drive.  It comes unfinished or you may choose a lacquer finish.  It is made from solid New Zealand Silver Beech.  It is very portable and is easily adaptable to your specific spinning needs with add-on kits.

  • Wheel diameter:  46cm (18")
  • Orifice:  1cm (3/8")
  • Bobbin capacity:  100gm (3-4oz)
  • Ratios:  5.5, 10, 14:1
  • Weight:  7kg (15lb)