Sassenach - Studio DK

Sassenach - Studio DK

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Sassenach is the Scottish name Jamie uses to mock Claire early in the series as he referred to her as an English person or outsider.  However, it becomes a deep and meaningful term of endearment for his beloved Claire.

“Oh, aye, Sassenach. I am your master . . . and you're mine. Seems I canna possess your soul without losing my own.”
― Diana Gabaldon, Outlander

The colors are fresh herbal greens, pale teals, and white.  Reminiscent of the many herbs, popping through the snow, Claire uses for her healing.  

Our Studio DK is a plush, 4-ply 100% Superwash Merino yarn. The fiber is loosely-plied and springy in the hand. It takes dye very well and is a great option for those looking for a quicker knit or crochet project.

Please Note: The Fibre Studio custom dyes most of our yarns just for you. This process may take from 2-4 weeks before the yarn ships.