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Ashford Traditional - Spin and Weave

Ashford Traditional - Spin and Weave

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If you're starting out and looking for a good first wheel, I would suggest the Traditional with scotch tension. This is our most popular wheel because it is so versatile. It's easy to use for learning, and you can later buy simple add-on kits that allow you to adapt the wheel to specific types of spinning as you begin to experiment more. It is a classically styled wheel made from beautiful New Zealand Silver beech, so it will look great in your home.  Four bobbins and Lazy Kate are included in the kit.  It is available in single drive or double drive.  You have the choice of lacquered finish or unfinished.  This wheel also comes in a left-handed unfinished version.

  • Wheel diameter:  56cm (22")
  • Orifice:  1cm (3/8")
  • Bobbins Capacity:  100gm (3-4oz)
  • Ratios:  6.5, 12.5, 17.5:1
  • Weight: 8kg (17.5lab)
  • Assembly Guide (PDF)