Blush, Fawn, Sand Dune - Noncho - Studio DK

Blush, Fawn, Sand Dune - Noncho - Studio DK

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This kit has been put together for the upcoming release of the Noncho pattern by designer Casapinka in celebration of National Bubble Tea Day.  Just in case you are wondering, it is April 30, 2021.

Casapinka will be offering this as a free pattern with yarn purchase.  As in years past, you will receive a unique coupon code to enter into Ravelry.

After reviewing the pattern, we have put together different  sized kits.  Each kit contains our Studio DK yarn.  Each 113g | 4.0 ounce skein has approximately 280 yards of 100% Super Wash Merino yarn.

Listed below is the default order for the colors in this kit.  If you would like your colors in a different order, please leave a note at checkout telling me what color A, B and C are.

A (Trim at neck and hem) = Blush, 1 Skein
B (Largest amount used in stripe) = Fawn, Sizes 1-5, 2 skein.  Sizes 6-7, 3 skeins.
C (Second color used in stripe) = Sand Dune, Sizes 1-2, 1 skeins.  Sizes 3-7, 2 skeins.