Ashford Electric Spinner - Spin and Weave

Ashford Electric Spinner - Spin and Weave

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If you are wanting to spin large amounts of yarn, perhaps for a small cottage industry, or if you have trouble treadling, the electronic is your best choice.

Spin fine and textured yarns. Very easy to use and very portable. Spin at home or in your car, RV or boat. Smooth quiet direct drive 12V motor.

Includes a sliding hook flyer, 3 large jumbo bobbins and lazy kate with yarn guide. Power pack, cord and interchangable outlet. Assembled & lacquered.

Quiet motor drives flyer. Change speed to spin thin to thick yarns. So portable as very light and compact.

  • Orifice 1.5cm (5/8”)
  • Motor 12volt DC 1.25amp
  • Speed 0-1500rpm
  • Bobbin capacity 225g (8oz)
  • Power supply 110 or 220 volts
  • Weight 2.8kg (6lbs)