Better Than Basic Pullover - Churchmouse - Patterns

Better Than Basic Pullover - Churchmouse - Patterns

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“This sweater has scope!”

Here’s a pattern for the simple sweater you’d be willing to buy, if only you could find it: The fit is easy, styling simple, fabric relaxed, and details just right.

The flattering dropped shoulder creates a roomy armhole without the usual excess fabric bunching under the arm. The slim, straight cuff tapers up to the armhole. And a little short-row shaping allows the front and back hemline to hang more evenly when worn.

You can easily customize the style and fit. We’ve shown a couple of combinations of length and edgings but you can play with the variables (short with long ribbing, long with short . . .) or change the length entirely to suit you.

All Churchmouse Yarns and Teas patterns come on a thick glossy cardstock and always include easy-to-understand instructions and glosseries appropriate to the individual pattern.