Beaded Mohair Scarf - Churchmouse - Patterns

Beaded Mohair Scarf - Churchmouse - Patterns

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Soft sparkle in an easy-to-knit accessory!

Tiny glass beads sit like raindrops on the gossamer web of this simple garter-stitch scarf. Lacy loops at the edges are created as you go with a yarn-over at the beginning of each row. But the real secret to the beauty of this piece is in the finishing. Slip blocking wires through each edge loop and steam press gently—transformation!

We put together some of our favorite yarn and bead combinations below. (The sample shown here is in Silk Cloud color 2017 Velvet with color Ice Wine bead.) Or you can visit the Silk Cloud and Bead pages separately and create one yourself. Don’t forget to grab the pattern below if you don’t already own it.

All Churchmouse Yarns and Teas patterns come on a thick glossy cardstock and always include easy-to-understand instructions and glosseries appropriate to the individual pattern.