Spark Cardigan by Andrea Mowry

Andrea Mowry, of Drea Renee Knits, recently released not one, but two color work sweaters, called Spark (shown) and Spice.  Spark has a bit of color work at the hem and sleeves, while both have slipped stitch or mosaic stitches on the body. We are suggesting our Studio DK in a solid or tonal, for the Main Color, plus using a multi as the Contrasting Color on Spice. We have developed an new product, we are calling Fifty Shades of Gradient, DejaVu DK (pictured below).  We used our Studio DK and dyed it in quick color changing gradient.  We suggest a 100g skein for the body and two 50g skeins for the sleeves.

For Spark, you will need the following:

  Size 1    | 4 skeins MC, 2 CC
  Size 2-4 | 5 skeins MC, 2 CC
  Size 5-6 | 6 skeins MC, 3 CC
  Size 7-8 | 7 skeins MC, 3 CC 
  Size 9    | 8 skeins MC, 3 CC

Colors pictures are There's A Storm Brewin and Cherokee.

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