Wizard of Oz Yarn Club - Clubhouse

Wizard of Oz Yarn Club - Clubhouse

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Beginning January 2019 starts our Wizard of Oz 80th Anniversary Celebration Yarn Club. We will share the story, trivia and movie/music factoids, as well as a new monthly color representing a pivotal character or scene from the movie. These color ways will be dyed in limited quantities on our SW Merino - Fingering base in a four-ounce skein (approx 560 yards) except for November's and December's color ways, which will be dyed on an exciting and special base. The color ways will include tonals, variegated, and even gradients.

Our second (February) offering is Over the Rainbow, a brilliant gradient dedicated to the famous song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" sung by a youthful Judy Garland who plays Dorothy in the movie. While actually sung during a period in the movie, which was still black and white, the colorful descriptions in the song hint and the potential for color in the movie and in life...if we only seek it.

Our first (January) offering is Toto, a variegated tonal color way reminiscent of Dorothy's beloved dog, who is the catalyst for the entire movie The Wizard of Oz. We love our yarn shop dog Lola so much, this initial offering is dedicated to her!

Finished yarn will be shipped around the first of the month following the offering (i.e. if ordered by January 20, the yarn will be shipped by around the first of February).

This yarn is dyed for you in Charlotte, North Carolina.