Mosaic Knit Kit Builder - Ewe Queue Kits

Mosaic Knit Kit Builder - Ewe Queue Kits

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Welcome to our Mosaic Knit Kit Builder, an interactive add-on built for the customer with an interest in mosaic style shawls. What is mosaic knitting, you ask? Mosaic knitting at its simplest is the technique where the maker utilizes multiple yarn colors (only one color at a time) along with slip stitches to create intermingled geometric patterns.

Many of these featured shawl patterns utilize "odd" amounts of yarn so The Fibre Studio has identified a way to maximize yarn usage and pattern options to enable customers to identify two, 8-ounce skeins of yarn in their favorite contrasting colors and then decide which two shawls they want to make--for self, to gift, or to work with a friend.

All featured patterns combinations were reviewed for yardage requirements. Any two patterns herein will use up to TWO, 8-ounce skeins (approx 1120 yards each) of our SW Merino - Fingering, a 2-ply yarn, which is fluffy and springy in the hand. 

How to Build Your Kit
1. Select which two patterns, via the drop down menus in the kit builder above, you want to purchase and add them to your cart;
2. Go to the SW Merino - Fingering collection and select two, 8-ounce skeins of yarn in contrasting color ways and add them to your cart;
3. Provided you have added this Mosaic Knit Kit to your cart and meet the minimum purchase of $100, use the discount code MOSAIC at checkout to get 50% off the kit builder (i.e. one of the patterns for free).

This is a "TWOfer YOU" deal you won't want to miss--with purchase of TWO, 8-ounce skeins you get TWO patterns, resulting in TWO shawls. And YOU choose the kit!

As a wholesaler, The Fibre Studio purchases a variety of patterns via Ravelry. As long as we have your Ravelry userid and email, we can update your Ravelry library in addition to the printed copy we provide.

Exclusions: This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or sales. Yardage calculations are based on the yardage available in our 8-ounce skeins of SW Merino - Fingering. Customers who purchase different weights or types of fiber may not get the same results. Individual patterns are sold on our online shop here.