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Linear Moods - Patterns

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This large cushy wrap, by designer Xandy Peters, uses contrasting gradient yarns to create a stunning visual effect. Stripes provide color contrast; shaping bends the stripes into a chevron shape; and the addition of short rows changes the width of each stripe.

As the stripes cross the center line, the proportion of colors reverses from thick to thin and back again. Picking the colors for Linear Moods is a lot of fun. Makers can choose harmonious hues for a subtle look or pick wildly contrasting tones for a statement piece.

Note: In this pattern, the yarns travel up opposite sides of the work and do not need to be broken and rejoined. Color A is always knit, and Color B is always purled.

This pattern is written for two gradient color ways (or sets). Color A requires approximately 560 yards, and Color B requires about 840 yards.

We love most any combination of our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ in one 4-oz (approx 560 yards) plus one 7-oz (approx 980 yards) cake. Alternately, we adore using a combination of a 4-oz (approx 560 yards) Fifty Shades cake with a 6-oz (approx 840 yards) Color Play Kit so the maker can move the color around to suit. The possibilities are endless. 

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