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This pullover, by designer Heidi Kirrmaier, is quite simple in appearance, but comes with a few little design details that make it special. The A-line body shape is flattering on many body types. It is intended to fit with ½ to 3 inches of ease at the bust.

Knit entirely seamlessly from the top down, it is also quite easy to execute. The side details are formed through basic increases and decreases.

The gauge as written is suitable for a heavy DK or light worsted yarn, however, The Fibre Studio is turning this sweater into a four-season garment by knitting it loosely in a fingering-weight yarn. We recommend several of our yarn bases for this pattern.

If you want to create a loosely knit, light-weight sweater, select Merino Bamboo - Fingering, Cotton Bamboo - Fingering, SW Merino - Fingering, or Walkabout - Fingering.

If you are a stickler for following a pattern or a nervous knitter--no problemo. Simply select Cotton Bamboo - Worsted or SW Merino - Lt Worsted as your base.

Yarn Requirements (By Pattern Size in Yards)
(LW) = Lt Worsted | (F) = Fingering
XS - 840 (LW) | 1050 (F)
S - 945 (LW) | 1185 (F)
M1 - 1030 (LW) | 1290 (F)
M2 - 1220 (LW) | 1525 (F)
L1 - 1325 (LW) | 1655 (F)
L2 - 1440 (LW) | 1800 (F)
XL - 1570 (LW) | 1960 (F)
XXL - 1670 (LW) | 2085 (F)

As a wholesaler, The Fibre Studio purchases a variety of patterns via Ravelry. As long as we have your Ravelry userid and email, we can update your Ravelry library in addition to the printed copy we provide.