Freedom and Whisky - Outlander

Freedom and Whisky - Outlander

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 **Spoiler Alert**

Robert Burns was born in 1759... so in the fictional Outlander world, he was only 6 years old when Jamie published an excerpt of his would-be poem. It's the clue Claire needs to return to the past.

It's a crazy-long poem! How Claire managed to memorize it and quote it? Dang! Here's the excerpt from the poem:

Scotland, my old, respected mother!
Though sometimes you moisten your leather,
Till where you sit on heather-tops
You lose your water,
Freedom and whisky go together,
Take off your dram! — The Author’s Earnest Cry and Prayer

Describing our Freedom and Whisky is like trying to describe a fine scotch in a candlelit pub in Edinburgh. The colorway is a dark amber with intense peat, moss, and loden greens, low-lights of navy, and highlights of burgundy.