A Note From Debbie Davis…

Opening The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For in September of 2008 fulfilled a dream of mine.

As have so many women before me, I learned the art of knitting and crocheting at a very early age, often at my mother’s and grandmother’s sides. I think my first project was a pair of crocheted baby booties. Over the years, while my daughters were growing up,   I dabbled in all sorts of other crafts as well. Like many of you, I’ve made jewelry and soaps. I’ve painted. I’ve even made forays into scrapbooking and stamping.

It was much later that I developed a passion for dyeing yarn and working with fibers. I enjoy textures, colors, and figuring out patterns. I find the tactile feel of fiber to be both relaxing and stimulating.

In the past three years, it has been a pleasure to meet new customers and to renew acquaintances. It’s truly a delight to watch the artisan inside each of us emerge, to watch as said artisan deepens the knowledge for his/her craft, and to watch him/her learn the art of construction…whether it’s a garment, a purse, or a novelty.

Lola, my rescue and my friend, has been my faithful companion on this journey and serves as the official greeter for The Fibre Studio. We thank you for supporting your local yarn shop and look forward to your next visit with us.


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